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Services that we offers:

  • Mirror Wall & Doors
  • Custom Cut Glass & Table Tops
  • Porch Enclosures
  • Decorative Art Glasses
  • Patio & Storm Doors
  • Store Fronts
  • Thermal Insulated Glass Units

A floor to ceiling mirror wall enlarges the room, transforming it into a spacious living area.
Mirror walls are available in clear mirror, or tinted bronze or grey.
They can be installed with or without chrome or brass trim, and can have beveled or flat polished edges.

  • Mirror Walls
  • Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Swing Doors

Build any configuration or combination to meet your design and lifestyle needs. The design possibilities shown here are just a sampling of what can be built.
Bring us your ideas and we'll create it. Our enclosures are available in clear, tinted or patterned tempered glass.

Insulated or thermal glass units consist of two layers of glass separated by a spacer. The space between the glasses is either air or a gas such as argon. The function of “double” glass is primarily to improve insulation by keeping the heat out or in the house, depending on the seasons. It also functions as a sound or noise barrier. Because of many factors such as extreme heat, extreme cold, abnormal pressure build up, damage, deterioration or faulty workmanship, eventually IG units invariably fail. This is seen when moisture enters between the glass (foggy), and usually white sediment fills up the air space.

Storefront systems can drastically enhance commercial and retail environments by improving brand identity and visibility for various types of businesses. They provide architects, specifiers and glazing contractors with shorter lead times without sacrificing customization, quality or reliability. While storefronts present themselves as economically viable options, they meet and exceed high performance and operation standards when properly measured, fabricated and installed.

When thinking of some of the world’s most dramatic, visually breathtaking buildings, they most likely involve large expanses of glass. Using large, dramatic panels of insulated glass is one of today’s most popular design trends. Aesthetically, glass looks good. It’s also economical and energy efficient. Not to mention, it’s been proven that the natural daylight glass lets in just makes people feel better.

Riti Glass installations offers a comprehensive collection of quality doors. Our selection of exterior, interior, French, screen, storm and patio doors allows you to choose the right door for your project needs. Well crafted and installed doors not only keep intruders out but also add value by improving the curb appeal of your home. Come in today for a consultation or send us your information through our above online estimate form.

Our passion is decorative glass and we've developed the in-house expertise to work with designers, contractors and architects to understand, create and deliver your decorative glass designs. Specializing in commercial decorative glass, lamination and distribution, we combine our expertise with a broad range of unique products and processes to create the best possible decorative glass each and every time. Our focus is on helping you find the right product and look for your needs.

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What our clients says:

David Ly

During Christmas of 2012, I needed a custom mirror, and some glass. I had called all over Toronto (at least 12 stores) and all of the quotes that I got were ridiculously expensive, and none of them were able to give me the finished product

Gojuryu ryu

Wow during the worst snow storm of the year Riti Glass came out and installed new glass in the door of my forms. Fast, friendly, professional 5 star service. Thank you!

Rajesh Singh

They are very hard working professional people. Would definitely revisit them. However they can achieve more service satisfaction by following 5S rules and some lean practices. One more suggestion would be to have a rate list based on square foot.

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