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Commercial Glass Door & Window Repair

Do you have a glass door or window in your home with cracked, foggy, or otherwise damaged glass? We specialize in repairing or replacing glass doors and windows in residential and commercial buildings.

Sliding glass doors typically open out onto a deck or patio, allowing for easy access to the outdoors, and a source of streaming light. Over time, constant use, weathering, and dirt build up results in the wear and tear of the basic components, especially the rollers under the sliding panel. This causes the slider to jamb, slide/roll unevenly, jump off the tracks, and in serious cases breakage of the glass.

If left unchecked, a damaged track beyond repair will require the replacement of the complete patio door unit, which will be far more expensive than the replacement of two new rollers.

There are many different sliding glass door manufacturers all over the States, and most rollers are NOT interchangeable. Riti Glass & Mirror carries replacement rollers and parts for many door systems.

By making a house call for a nominal charge, we can assess the problem, recommend a solution, and solve your problem. And at the same time we can provide a FREE maintenance service to minimize future breakdowns.

We carry all the standard sliding door safety glass panels in single & double glass, so if you have a broken or fogged patio door, contact Riti Glass at 905 – 790 – 8335

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